Holy Cross Ministries
Matthew Murray
Director of Finance and Analytics

Matthew has spent the majority of his career in Healthcare Economics helping organizations in a “Story Teller” role, creating visual representations of data to unlock hidden information. Matthew is an advocate for transparent analytical processes and is always willing to share his own intellectual property for the good of his peers and colleagues.

Some of Matthew’s proud career moments include providing decision support to the Utah Legislature on healthcare-related bills through his previous role as Director of Analytics at PEHP. He also worked to strengthen Managed Care Analytics at United Healthcare as a Regional Director of Healthcare Economics. Matthew also served as a member of the Utah Transparency Advisory Panel (UTAP) acting in a consultative role to the State Health Department concerning the use of the Utah All Payer Claims Data (APCD).

Matthew currently holds a B.A. in Business Economics and an MBA with an emphasis in Healthcare Management. One of Matthew’s undergraduate research projects examined the relationship between professional musician earnings and education level/years of experience/hours of practice. Matthew’s graduate work included a consultancy project for a prominent Utah hospital where he discovered directors of the hospital were using a flawed method for explaining away budget variances within their departments, resulting in true overages for which there was no accountability; his work included a solution to fix the problem, allowing for stronger transparency and accountability in the process.

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