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Research shows that providing high quality education for children yields significant long-term benefits for both women and children and science tells us that ages 0-3 are critical. A child’s experiences during these years influence how their brain processes information; in other words, whatever does or doesn’t happen in this time frame impacts their capacity for learning. In order to respond to this critical need for services, Holy Cross Ministries provides early childhood education and support for children ages 0-3, and their parents. 

HCM's School Readiness Program includes the following components

The School Readiness Program classroom utilizes The Creative Curriculum®, a comprehensive, research-based curriculum for preschool along with the corresponding assessment tool, Teaching Strategies® GOLD™ - which is fully aligned with the Common Core State Standards, Utah's state early learning guidelines, and the Head Start Child Development and Early Learning Framework. Full day classes are offered Monday- Thursday from September - May and includes both academic and enrichment activities to prepare children academically, socially, emotionally, and physically to enter into the public school system. Transportation is provided to all students residing in Summit County, in order to remove a barrier to working parents who are unable to transport their children during program hours. For more information about enrollment and program fees, please contact The School Readiness Program Coordinator, Miriam Garcia (435-659-7401).
All parents with children ages 0-3-years-old are invited to attend HCM's monthly Parents Group Connection nights. These evenings feature various presentations on topics regarding child development.

Spotlight: The Whitney Foundation Research Project

Holy Cross Ministries received funding from the Whitney Foundation to conduct a longitudinal study of the graduates of Holy Cross Ministries' School Readiness Program. The project, which Holy Cross is conducting in partnership with The University of Utah's Department of Family and Consumer Studies, and research specialist Mark Innocenti, incorporated both quantitative and qualitative data on children in Park City and the impact of HCM's programs on their current academic success. Research findings will be published following the completion of the project in 2018.

Help Support Our Students

Holy Cross Ministries works to ensure that all children have opportunities to succeed academically. We believe that cost should not be a barrier for children to start school ready to learn. Please help support our program so we can continue offering scholarships to low-income families. 

School Readiness Program Staff

Director of Education
801-261-3440 ext 235
School Readiness Program Coordinator
School Readiness Program Teacher
801-261-3440 ext 190
School Readiness Program Teacher
801-261-3440 ext 251

School Readiness Program Photos

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