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2019 Highlights

In 2019, HCM fostered new partnerships, earned new credentials, broadened our range of services and enhanced our wraparound support — allowing us to better meet client needs.

2018 Highlights

In 2018 Holy Cross Ministries expanded existing programming to include trauma-informed counseling services for victims of crime. These efforts accompany HCM's focus on health outreach, education and legal services for underserved populations in Utah.

2017 Highlights

In 2017 Holy Cross Ministries continued to provide critical health outreach, education and legal services. This document provides an overview of the accomplishments and outcomes from those efforts.

2016 Highlights

In 2016 Holy Cross Ministries served over 4,000 individuals and their families. This document gives a snapshot of that work.

2015 Highlights

This is the first Highlights document produced for Holy Cross Ministries. It gives an overview of the great work happening in the organization over the course of 2015.

At Holy Cross Ministries, we know that every resource given to us can help transform a life. That is why we commit to our donors and grantors that the funds we receive provide quality services and programs to achieve the greatest good for those we serve.

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Annual Reports

2019 Annual Report

A commitment to compassionate service 

2018 Annual Report

A long history of service in Utah

2017 Annual Report

A tradition of caring for our community's future

2016 Annual Report

Building a better community 

2015 Annual Report

Paving the way for bright futures

2014 Annual Report

 Furthering the Sisters of the Holy Cross' legacy through innovative programs and services 

2013 Annual Report

Serving a diverse Utah community

2012 Annual Report

Standing alongside the people we serve on their journey toward empowerment and community integration

2011 Annual Report

Celebrating the relationships between the people we serve, our community partners and many stakeholders

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