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Holy Cross Ministries' board member, Aurora Martinez, is participating in an IRONMAN 2019 race and will be donating 100% of her race sponsorships to Holy Cross Ministries' Parents as Teachers Program!


March 5, 2019

Years ago, there was a dormant passion that lied within me to set out to conquer a race as great and physically and mentally challenging as the 70.3 Ironman St. George. I find myself eight weeks from race day, May 4th, 2019.

During my training time, I have had time to reflect and tune into additional passions. One of these passions is for childhood education.

Education changed my life forever. With your help, together we will be able to help change a child’s life forever, bring a little more light to a child’s education. I believe with a little help children can have the opportunity to find an improved path.

I have decided to donate 100%of my race sponsorships to support early childhood education. Holy Cross is a non-profit organization that provides services regardless of religious affiliation, income or any other defining characteristics. I am asking for your support in purchasing a piece of my race, swimming, biking or running. Donate to one or all! Each donation is gratefully appreciated.

Each contributor’s name will be added to my finish line race day banner that reads “We Made It!” The banner, the finish line, the medal each represents an example to children that with passion, hard work, dedication, and support, dreams do come true and that dreams do matter.

Let’s do it!



Select sponsorship levels for the swim, bike, and/or run miles during Aurora's race. 100% of race sponsorships are tax deductible and will be donated to Holy Cross Ministries.

Thank you to Aurora's Sponsors

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